MAISON UK RESIDENTIAL is one of the North West's premier real estate agencies. Whether you wish to buy, sell, let, or invest in Manchester and Liverpool, we provide a professional, reliable and personal service.

As one of 2020's fastest growing real estate businesses MAISON UK offer a local service at an online cost we can assist with all your property queries and needs be they, sales, rentals, investment of purchases and management, of houses, flats and blocks in and beyond the catchment areas of our office locations across Manchester and Liverpool

Our business is designed to provide all our customers and partners ranging from Developers and selling vendors to buyer, investors and both tenant and landlords with a service totally without compromise.

We are also specialists in working with Developers, REITs and other Funds

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aro - advanced rent option (up to 12 months rent upfront)

Maison ARO logo - Landlords paid all their rent upfront

Maison UK are proud to be one of a limited number of ARO partners offering all new and existing Landlords their whole rent upfront.

The Advanced Rent Option (ARO) is a quality full Management and tenant finding service with the additional benefit to Landlords of being able to take their rent a year in advance at no extra cost.

ARO is available for new and existing tenancies provided your property is compliant and the tenants pass normal referencing checks.

Our partnership with ARO offers our Landlords the ultimate in terms of peace of mind, flexibility and financial freedom. ARO is affiliated to The Choices Group who have been in the business since 1989 and have over thirty years property experience managing many thousands of properties, so you can rest assured that when you choose ARO you and your property are in safe and experienced hands.

Advance Rent Option is changing the way investors and Landlords are looking at their investments and a huge game-changer for anyone with a buy-to-let property. Ideal for: 

  • Expanding your property portfolio

  • Refurbishing existing properties to increase rents

  • Paying off credit cards or loans

  • Use for large purchases like a luxury holiday or car

  • Practical needs like paying upfront for school fees or replacing boilers 

For further information about ARO including how it works and our terms and conditions please complete the enquiry form below.

8weeks deposit cover and faster lets- reposit


Reposit is an alternative to cash deposits that gives you more protection with less hassle.

  • 60% more cover than a cash deposit - Cash deposits are capped at 5 weeks’ rent. Reposit gives you 8 weeks’ worth of cover, 60% more protection.

  • Rent faster, reduce voids - Void periods cost UK landlords over £3bn a year. Properties advertised with a ‘deposit free option’ will typically let quicker.

  • FCA Authorised and FSCS protected - Reposit is FCA authorised and FSCS protected. Our product is underwritten by a leading, Lloyds of London insurer. 


How does Reposit work?

Reposit is offered through Maison UK. If your property is managed by us we will handle Reposit on your behalf. 

  1. Tenant chooses Reposit - Once your new tenant has opted for Reposit we will create the Reposit on the platform.

  2. Tenant pays the Reposit fee - The tenant will be sent a link to sign up and pay their Reposit fee.

  3. You are protected for 8 weeks' rent - Once your tenant has paid, the Reposit is activated and you will be protected for 8 weeks' worth of rent.

  4. Get paid at the end of tenancy - If the tenancy ends with charges due for cleaning, damages or rent arrears, we will simply register these charges with Reposit along with the tenancy documents and supporting evidence.

  • Reposit will notify the tenant, collect the funds and pay them to you.

  • In case the tenant defaults, your Reposit cover will make sure you are paid for up to 8 weeks' rent.